Renatha Hope

Business Owner



Pink Spaghetti is all about supporting you and saving you time. More than a VA (Virtual Assistant) we offer a professional 'pick up put down' PA service for a wide variety of tasks. We work for busy people and owners of small businesses to provide them with the help and time they need. If you struggle for time to create the right Business Facebook page, manage your Twitter or LinkedIn account, send out newsletters, set up spreadsheets, organise your filing system, organise a party, research holidays or utility companies and much more – we would love to help!
Time is booked by the hour, with no minimum booking times and bundles of hours can be booked at a discounted rate so our services can be utilised at your busiest times, we can even manage your email accounts and ensure that clients are still communicated with when you need a break.
I have over 10 years of experience with general administration processes, account management, new products and services, analysis and reporting and managing sales team - which have given me an excellent grounding in general business management.
If your business or home needs help with your endless to-do list to allow you to do what you love, we would love to help. We are your 25th hour!