Ria Wotherspoon

Protection Specialist

WIBN Groups


I've worked as a Protection Specialist since the age of 17 venturing from personal protection to business protection. I spend most of my time roaming around London City in and out of meetings. In this role I deal with families to protect their debts and assets in the event of death, illness and redundancy. I also work with businesses to set up protection for their employees as a work related benefit. Secondly, dealing with the directors of the companies and the key workers to get them protected so that the business would be financially reimbursed should something happen to the key worker or directors. Shareholder protection is a huge aspect in this field.
I work alongside a growing number of 8 mortgage brokers, dealing with every single client in their client bank to ensure they receive the best advice possible so that their family home and dependants are protected.
I also offer the service to assist all clients into placing their life assurance assets into Trust for IHT and estate purposes.