Ruth Groves

Executive Coach

07887 575900


Over the past 7 years I’ve coached hundreds of professional women who have hit a bit of a road block. Either you’re in a senior position, running a team or you’re a one man band, running your own business.

Clients come to me when they can’t see the wood for the trees. Next steps for your career or business feels like an overwhelming challenge and work can often feel like surviving rather than thriving. There can be a fear of stepping out of your comfort zone or fear of failure which results in you feeling stuck.

As your coach I help you with Focus, Strategy and Accountability. Put simply - What you need to do next, how you’re going to do and making sure it gets done!
I hold a PGC in Coaching and Behavioural Change from Henley Business School. I'm also a qualified MBTI psychometrics practitioner and can use understanding personality types in building professional strengths and managing potential conflict.

Prior to coaching, I spent 18 years in Investment Banking on fast paced trading floors. The personalities drawn to this ambitious, driven and stressful environment fascinated me and piqued my long held interest in people and their behaviours. My clients appreciate that I have experienced the pace, environment and challenges that they often face.