Samantha Lindsay

Mortgage Planning Adviser, Mortgage Specialist

01268 904444


Equipped with a firm belief that mortgage planning doesn’t need to be as dry or dull as it so often appears, I founded an independent consultancy – My Mortgage Angel – in 2016.

Buying a house is a significant financial decision, and my passion lies in helping people make the right mortgage choices from a marketplace full of diverse options. My advice is fee-free, and though I have no affiliations with any particular lenders or products, my contacts and qualifications allow access to the most suitable rates available.

As a qualified mortgage advisor, you can of course rest assured that my advice will be current, knowledgeable and completely confidential. However, my approach is nothing like the detached and intimidating impression that mortgage advisors can sometimes offer! I very much enjoy taking time to get to know my clients, in a friendly and relaxed manner that allows me to understand their needs and present them with the most relevant, fully-researched options to select from.

I am always completely honest with my clients, so they can be sure of making the most appropriate mortgage decision, and I take pride in the fact that my client base has grown through positive referral. Nothing makes me happier than enabling people to successfully navigate an often bewildering financial process, relaxed and content in their home as a result.

My Mortgage Angel does not charge fees for mortgage advice, but may receive a fee from the Lender.