Sammi Sparke


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I have been working for seven years as a creative portrait photographer. For the last 5 years my business has been Sheffield based and has grown from a \"start up\" to a fledgling business having thrived in an active and supportive business community.

My business, Sammi Sparke Photography, is split between corporate/business photography and wedding and family photography.

My first History of Art based degree has been enormously influential with regards to the work i do with corporate clients and small businesses. During this degree i learned about reading images, the concept of signs and semiotics and the mechanisms artists and advertisers employ to influence audiences. As a photographer I use this understanding of semiotics to create powerful, relevant corporate head shots for clients designed to help them stand out from their competitors.

The wedding work and family work I do is inspired by nostalgia and the desire to capture beautiful, honest, relaxed photos of couples, babies and children at home. I\'m in the process of dividing the business work from the family work and putting them on two specially designed websites.

As a photographer I have been commended in the LPA awards, have had work exhibited in Blackpool, Manchester and London and was recently featured in Marie Claire Magazine.