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Supporting clients in the UK, France and Asia, Sandra combines Eastern philosophy of Kinesiology and Western science to deliver a powerful executive coaching experience. Helping people to activate their personal strengths to reach their true goals in life and move forward into a greater understanding of why they react as they do in stressful situations. Unlocking inner resources to fully access your potential.

Sandra has previous global business experience in real estate in FRANCE, business development in the luxury goods, insurance sectors & F&B (food and beverages) in ASIA, and kinesiology. Sandra was one of the practitioners at the largest clinic dedicated to Kinesiology in Asia for 4 years before relocating to London where she now serves her global audience.

What is Neuro energetic kinesiology?
This non-invasive east-west technique integrates modern western knowledge of anatomy and physiology with eastern healing practices to identify imbalances and physical disturbances in the body and restore positive energy flows, creating fresh pathways for change.

Many may not realise that stresses in the body can often originate from separate sources – may it be corporal or emotional. Whether the original is a physical injury, posture, hormonal imbalance, addiction, insomnia, trauma or anxiety, these factors can inhibit the body flow. Targeting the source will lead to not only faster recovery but train the body’s memory to better respond to similar stresses in the future.

Sandra also teaches Neuro-energetic Kinesiology, all her courses are CNHC accredited.

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