Sarah Seeley

Financial Adviser


WIBN Groups


I want to make Financial Planning more interesting and less scary! I love finding out about my clients and what makes them tick or strive to get up in the morning. The financial planning i do is all about helping you achieve a more focused financial plan and put a reason behind why you are contributing to your pension, why you are working those extra hours to pay off the mortgage, why are you concerned about your investment - lets put some purpose behind those financial goals!

I have worked in the financial services industry for over 18 years but it was not until 6 years ago that i decided i wanted to become a financial adviser and complete all my qualifications. The changes to the industry in 2012 cemented my passion for for becoming qualified, as i saw the industry changing from a sales environment to a service environment. I then went on to complete my advanced diploma and can now proudly call myself a Chartered Associate of the London Institute of Banking and Finance. Im always looking for new challenges and interested in increasing my knowledge further.

I truly love what i do as im involved in clients achieving their overall goals. The ability to inform a client, who has worked hard all of their life, that they can retire early with a sustainable income can be both rewarding and emotional. I love being a part of my clients’ financial and want to sit down and understand

Outside of the office, my time is taken up chasing around after her cheeky twin boys, her hubby and her two dogs. I know that being at work is where she gets a break!