Sarah Yardley

Chartered Accountant



I am a Chartered Accountant working in London who is interested in meeting new people, especially those who are enthusiastic about their business or the business that they work for.

I am dedicated to ensuring that my clients receive a high quality service that helps them to meet their statutory requirements and helps their business to develop and progress, with regular support and guidance. I often get asked by clients for referrals for many different services and professions. I have met many great contacts through WIBN that I can now recommend to clients and I am always keen to meet dedicated and talented individuals who offer a great service.

It is important to me that strong working relationships are built and maintained and I want my clients to feel comfortable in contacting me with any problem no matter how big or small.

I have experience in a variety of industry sectors and of varying size.

As an Associate Partner at MGR Weston Kay I am fortunate enough to work with a set of highly skilled professionals with a vast range of experience and expertise.