Sarnjit Ghatoura

Mortgage & Protection Adviser

07398 899 035

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Most people’s biggest monthly bill is their mortgage. So why pay more than is necessary?

Mortgage payments, long-term insurance policies and asset protection is an essential responsibility of household/business management. I have a unique perspective as my past experience includes working at an estate agency, as a compliance officer at a national bank and then as a mortgage and protection adviser. My experience within all fields has been consistently relevant to mortgage and insurance.

As Dylan Finance is my business and culmination of my professional experience, I can set the benchmark and always prioritise customer service within my mission statement whilst also Making Finance Simple. For clients (new or existing) before giving advice, I will always recommend a relaxed consultation over an informal coffee and normally at the clients’ home or an alternative convenient venue. If the potential client already has an unbeatable deal, they can be further assured their finances are in the best possible position. However, and in many cases, this initial discussion could potentially reap incredible rewards by switching to competitive and preferential products.

Currently, I have access to nearly 90 lenders offering over 11,000 products. My clients can therefore feel secure their financial obligations are competitively priced, manageable, sustainable and with reputable and established companies.

I am always accessible to existing and potential new clients seeking professional advice regarding a mortgage, re-mortgage, second home, long-term insurance and asset protection.

The first meeting is always a FREE, no-obligation consultation. This facilitates my ability to review financial status, history and especially, the essential requirements for appropriate recommendations which are in line with what is comfortably affordable and within the clients’ budget.

For more information, please contact me direct: 07398 899 035 / 020 3872 0688 / [email protected]