Serena Bobowski


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My work is based on two fundamentals
– your body is ALWAYS doing it’s best to heal, cleanse, and rebuild
– what you think is important but what you FEEL is the TRUTH

These principals come from my history, my family and my training.

From the age of 3, I danced almost every day. I realize that consistent physical practice plays a big role in my happiness. Helping others develop a daily self-practice is important to me because the body wants to be listened to.

As a child I thought a lot about the body mind connection. I learned about it when my sister, who had severe Tuberous Sclerosis, went onto a program with the Institute for The Development of Human Potential that I started to piece the puzzle together.

I’ve studied pilates, theatre, dance, meditation and tapping and with over 20 years of teaching experience, I believe in a straight forward approach to movement as part of everyday life.

I created The Body Evolution Program because I believe everyone can be free of pain, feel energised, and move with strength and confidence in every step of life.