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We live in a world of bills – there is no getting away from them
Gas, Electric, Landline, Broadband, Mobile .. the list seems endless
So just imagine if those bills could be kept under control, and instead of lots of big bills every month, you got just one.
Thats what Utility Warehouse is all about..
Shrinking your bills, making your budgeting easier, while giving you extraordinary customer service.
Utility warehouse is a discount club – you join as a member, its totally free, then you get all your utilities at club rates.
The more services you take, the more you will save.
Gas Electric Landline Broadband Mobile– choose any combination you like
And the bit I really love, is they can help you save money on your shopping too with their exclusive cashback card. Every time you use it, you’ll earn cash back – it comes straight off your Utility Warehouse bill every month. Many members save hundreds of pounds off of their utility bills every year just by doing their everyday shopping.
Utilities Warehouse - The nations most trusted Utility provider – the one you would recommend to your mum