Sharon Holt

Queen of Cashback


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In my life I've always wanted to help others and make the business world a 'not so scary' place.

My background is in the Corporate and Promotional marketing world where I have helped many people with their businesses, from initial start up, to development, customer service, advertising, planning and marketing.

It was inevitable that I was always going to work for myself, 9-5 and routine has never been one of my strengths.

Since selling my promotional business, Pulse Promotions, back 2012, I've been working flexibly around my son, and have advised many local business owners on their marketing strategy.

Given my general day to day enthusiasm for life, getting excited about other peoples goals and dreams, and my love of coming up with new ideas, this has suited me perfectly.

I've come across too many people who've invested time and a lot of money into a business idea, making sacrifices and never quite having the resources or support to really make a go of it. So I now help people start businesses the right way. Making sure they avoid the mistakes I see all too often, giving them the confidence to make their ideas happen and providing the tools, support and training that they need to thrive

I have recently found the ideal business model to help people to start their own low cost, risk-free business that can provide long term security. The people I help have jobs or businesses, children, commitments and general busy lives. What this allows them to do is build an income around these things, not instead of.

If you're looking for an additional income stream, get in touch. I can work with you to develop a business and lifestyle that suits you..