Sherine Lovegrove

Transformational Coach & Psychotherapist


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I am an Author, Transformational Coaching-psychotherapist & Cryptofempreneur

I help professional women and entrepreneurs who suffer with Imposter Syndrome, to stop self-sabotage, procrastination and sophisticated hiding to step forward and create the lifestyle they deserve.

To do this successfully, I created my 90-Day LIVE Sovereignty Online Coaching Programme to bring women in to Sovereignty so they can walk the path of a Wise Woman. This requires doing the deep inner work - Insights or AHA Moments do not necessarily lead to Transformation. With Sovereignty you have the direct ability to tap into your source power and become an unstoppable force.

My other passion is Inspiring women (and men) to create financial wealth and freedom using a simple and safe process to acquire cryptocurrency investments.

Here is the link for my recently published book, “Hiding in Plain Sight, No More.”