Stacey Glen

Utility Warehouse


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I’m Stacey, having spent many years being affected by my health. After the death of my Dad in 2016 I decided that there was much more to life than what and how I had been living and returned to my local church, when things began to change for me.

So, what do I do now? 

My passion is with my local Church and it’s mission to reach out to my local community, showing the children and young people of today how to live better lives than what they are currently living, that knives are not the answer and nor is violence.

To enable me to give my time to the church I started my Utility Warehouse business where;

I help people realise their goals and aspirations through personal development cleverly disguised as a discount club. I show people how to have more fun money at the end of the month by reducing their boring bills and the cost of their everyday shopping. If you had extra money at the end of the month how would you spend it?