Stella Antoniou

Private Medical Insurance Advisor



I have over 10 years experience in the insurance industry firstly as a consultant to advisors and now an advisor myself. I hold a very good understanding of the industry as well as the Vitality Health product and am very passionate about what I do. I specialise in private medical insurance for both individuals and businesses.

I help my clients by giving them peace of mind that should they be unwell they can have access to the right medical professionals quickly and efficiently. As well as access to the best care my clients are also rewarded for engaging in the Vitality wellbeing programme.

Why Individuals take out PMI:
* Peace of mind that themselves and loved ones have the best care available quickly
* Avoid having to wait for an NHS GP
* Access to drugs that are not available on the NHS
* Prompt referral
* Fast admission
* Ability to save money via the reward programme

Why business take out PMI:
* Recruitment and retention
* Improved productivity
* Quicker access to care
* Active employees have a lower absence rate
* Integrated employee engagement and reward programme