Stella Kennard

Seed Nutrition Consultant

07968 712 735

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I’m building a business that is so much more than the products I sell.

I’m gifted with the ability to help people heal and maintain good health ... this is the REAL deal! There is so much information held back from us. Unless you’re motivated enough to look, you will completely miss it! Simple, and later obvious, information that when acknowledged, will completely change the way your body functions day by day.

Mind clarity
Pain and symptom-free
Peaceful sleep pattern

This is a means to a better quality of life!

As if this isn’t enough, I have an added bonus of an opportunity to change the status quo. An exceptional business opportunity that offers you the chance of financial security - extra cash in your bank every month, regardless!


I am truly blessed to be able to offer people great health, and wealth. No matter who or where you are, I can help you CHANGE THINGS.

Aside from building my business, "these are a few of my favourite things" that I like to do:
Laugh - a lot!
Meet with friends and laugh - a lot!!
Listen to music and sing (badly!)
Walk along the beach on a windy day
Talk to dogs (it’s all in their eyes, bless them!)
Air travel overseas; this is a big passion!!
Organise events, both business and social gatherings
Fizz … it’s all about the bubbles! AND I love to spend time with my husband and my two crazy children, doing whatever makes us laugh!