Stephanie Holme

Business Consultant and Leadership Trainer

07816 535614

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For the past decade Stephanie has been working across a number of industry sectors in a strategic position within a commercially-minded conference business. Stephanie sat in the leadership team of the business, who were responsible for delivering growth from £3.5m to £16m revenue through Stephanie’s tenure. Stephanie was, for the majority of her time in the business, the Head of Production and no.2 to the Managing Director.

The business independently developed conferences based on market need and opportunity. Stephanie’s team were not only responsible for developing and launching new commercially-sound product concepts (through market and sector research and analysis) but also delivering year-on-year growth across the portfolio of events through robust, evidence-based commercial strategy. The full portfolio of 70+ products spanned 8+ industry sectors (e.g. Life Science, Financial Services, Energy, Consumer Product Goods) across international markets.

Stephanie was promoted quickly through the organisation to her position on the leadership team. Her success in achieving fast-growth for the business came as a result of her ability to quickly understand market trends, challenges and needs, her strong commercial acumen and ability to apply this to develop robust strategies for business growth, and her consistent focus on developing high performance teams through engaging training and personal development.

Stephanie stepped away from the conference business in 2018 to found her own business SGH Coaching. SGH Coaching supports businesses with growth through commercial strategy and training in leadership soft skills. Stephanie works with businesses to identify their needs, challenges and unmet opportunities and uses her experience in driving fast commercial growth with high employee buy-in, to support those businesses in achieving their ultimate objectives.

Stephanie, through SGH Coaching has a broad client base of large corporate businesses and SMEs. Her focus through the business is to work with clients who see the value in investing in their people. Typically Stephanie’s offerings go hand in hand, and she will deliver both the high-level strategy, and develop the team to see it through.