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I started running my own business back in 1996 from my kitchen table, since then I have progressed through various sheds and even an office at my stable yard to the rather grown up offices in Westmead House in Farnborough.

I now have 6 staff plus myself running a very successful bookkeeping, payroll and accountancy bureau catering for many different types of businesses from very part time to multi mullion pound turnovers.

During this I also managed somehow to have 5 children and set up, run and consequently a successfully Au pair Agency.

All of this experience results in having a wide range of knowledge of both accountancy practices and also running a successful business with all the ensuing ups and downs and interesting challenges that it entails on a daily basis.

When I get time I also like to write, am a prolific reader and love being out in nature. I have a deep interest in all thing spiritual and celtic and pagan history.

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