Susan Isaacs


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Susan teaches French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Italian, and now all her classes are held online via zoom. They range in level from complete beginner, to advanced.
Clients include students from Norton Rose Fulbright, HSBC and Linklaters, but she is very happy to include everyone, and her classes are an exciting mixture bankers and musicians, lawyers and journalists, and doctors and artists

She fell into teaching languages in the City by chance, over thirty years ago, after a degree at Oxford, and has been hooked by the buzz of teaching brilliant people ever since. She loves discussing everything from how to chat someone up in a foreign language, to analysing world news.

The materials she uses range from magazine problem pages, French soap operas, and Mexican dramas, through to the latest stock exchange news , and ground-breaking court reports. Students listen to articles on the radio, television, and internet and discuss them together.