Susan Jones


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Hi there, I’m Sue Jones. I live in Penrhyn Bay, a beautiful part of the world near Little Orme, Llandudno. Why did I start my business? I absolutely love people! I’m curious about what makes you, you. I want to find out what your story is, what motivates you, what drives your passion and vision for the future?

What motivates and drives me is having a direct impact on the businesses I work with. The buzz I get when business owners at the end of the process are smiling because they, for the first time in a long time, feel happy with where they are and where the business is heading. That makes me smile..

Thoughts may be the starting point, but expertise helps!

Supported over 400 businesses through a change management program
Extensive consulting/coaching experience in financial services, franchising & healthcare
BSc(Hons) Psychology; NLP Diploma (INLPTA);