Susan White

Personal Stylist


WIBN Groups


I provide personal styling services for individuals or small groups in my studio in Victoria, Central London. Personal styling is no longer viewed as being only for the privileged few, it’s become more accessible in recent years and more people than ever now see it as an investment in themselves. A session will identify which shapes and styles of clothes work best for you, as well as the colours that work with your skin tone. I also provide wardrobe management and personal shopping as a one-off service, or as regular sessions scheduled throughout the year. Some clients want me to look after every aspect of their wardrobe and style and don’t want to get bogged down in the detail, whereas others soak up all the information I impart so that they have the tools and knowledge to do it by themselves – different approaches work for different people!

I spent nearly a decade working for a global institution, ended my time there heading up a team of data analysts. A few years ago, I made the decision to retrain as a personal stylist and haven’t looked back! I’ve always loved colour, clothes and style, and get pleasure from showing people what works best for them style-wise, helping them to dress well, reach their potential and, in many cases, increasing their levels of self-confidence. The first step to shopping successfully and building a capsule wardrobe is knowing what suits you. After a session, you will know what work best for you, and you’ll be well on your way to creating your own signature style.

We start the day off with a chat over a cup of tea, it breaks the ice and I can find out more about you if we haven’t met before. Ahead of a session I’ll ask you to think about what you’d like to achieve from our time together, and how do you want or need to be perceived both inside and outside of work. I use this information to tailor the session specifically to you.

Using the best of the day’s light, we’ll discover the colours that complement your skin tone and make you look healthier. There’ll also be a chance to discuss and try some makeup options, including finding that elusive perfect red lipstick!

We’ll then move on to discussing your lifestyle, learning how to build a versatile, capsule wardrobe and how to ensure that it delivers a return on your investment. I’ll measure your body (this only lasts a few minutes) and ask you a set of questions to help me understand who you are. Discussing someone’s personality with them and working out what that means for them in terms of their style choices is an eye-opening experience and helps them to understand why they feel good in certain things and not in others. It’s all about knowing what gives you your best look, which is so intrinsically linked to who we are as individuals; what suits one person, may not work so well for someone else.

The result of all this analysis, is a comprehensive framework for creating a wardrobe that works for you. Everything from knowing which length of jackets and skirts, to the type of shoes and boots, necklines, accessories, fabrics and patterns to choose to give you your best look.

When I talk to people about what I do, I explain that personal styling isn’t just for ‘other’ people. Most of us can benefit from investing in our style, resulting in an inspiring, hard-working wardrobe that reflects who we are. People often experience other unexpected benefits that go hand in hand with an increased level of self-confidence, they learn a lot about themselves, it’s fun and probably costs less than the value of the unworn clothes hanging in their wardrobe!