Tayo Salami

Business Performance Coach


WIBN Groups


I help business owners achieve their dream of an organised business that runs at a steady pace and delivers results.

My extensive experience across commercial and charity sectors, as well as my MBA and Accounting qualification, helps me to support my clients effectively, no matter their industry or background.

With my support, you will develop a thriving business that has
- a coherent and actionable plan linked to your goals
- easy to monitor performance measures so you know how your business is doing and what to work on next
- an advantage over the competition and sees its actions translate into results.
Plus you enjoy running your business!

These are some of the results I get for my clients.

I offer 1:1 coaching, group coaching and performance workshops for businesses.

I also offer a VIP coaching program where I become a 'partner' in your business, offering you close support for 1 year. You get continuous practical support that delivers results. I am right by your side, growing your business with you and ensuring you remain focused on achieving your goals.

Oh, and my indulgence! I have a passion for seeing things grow and so I dedicate time to mentoring startups on my Idea to Profit Accelerate programs.

Ready to move your business forward?

Drop me a message or send an email to [email protected]