Tina Marshall

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Hi my name is Tina Marshall and I have been building my business for the last 6 years under the umbrella of a Global Health abs Wellness company called Forever Living Products.
Forever have been around for 42 years and they are the largest growers of Aloe Vera in the World. We have over 200 products which include Aloe Vera drinks, skincare, weight management, supplements, personal and home care, bee products and essential oils. There really is something for everyone and as Forever doesn’t test is products on animals many of they are suitable to be used on them. All our products come with an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to loose.
Alongside Forever’s fantastic line of products we have an amazing business opportunity, this is where you can use and promote the products and if you wish build a team of your own. It’s my job to guide and support people along their Forever journey.