Tina Morrans

Life Coach

WIBN Groups


I am a certified Life & Health Coach who helps people who always put themselves last in their queue of priorities by guiding them to learn how they can stop breaking their own promises and self-trust.
I see so many people of all ages struggling in this modern society we are in, where everyone and everything is given a label, and feel that I can bring real benefit if I can help my clients realise that it is SO important to just be yourself and truly experience life as IT IS TOO SHORT and we all only GET ONE so stop worrying about the what\\\'s, if\\\'s and maybe\\\'s and concentrate on the NOW!
I help my clients understand that the best thing for them is usually outside of their comfort zone and that’s why they haven’t done it yet; I help them make the best decisions so they can stop holding themselves back from what will truly benefit them.
Most likely, they’ve been circling around things for a long time; they’ve been in a loop, a habit loop of repeated actions, thinking about fixing the problem then putting the solution off, for one reason or another.
My job is to not believe in the limitations they’ve already given themselves…
limitation is a matter of perspective…
My job is to help them find a new perspective…
by guiding them through breaking the habit loops they keep living!

You only go backwards if you look backwards!