Tracey Marshall

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I have the best job in the world!

As a Colour & Image Consultant with House of Colour, I get to help women and men of all ages feel confident, authentic and visible in every part of their lives. I watch people transform in front of my very eyes as they discover the colours that suit their own unique skin tone. I then help them understand how to put these together to achieve their best look for every part of their lives - from job interviews to walking the dog!

My own journey with House of Colour started around 7 years ago when I attended a Colour Consultation. I understood how some of the colours I wore made me invisible, not just in the work place, but on the dating scene too.

I continued the journey with Style & Make-up Classes and understood how to dress not just my body shape but my personality too - in short, I'd been given permission to be the 'real me', not some easily forgettable copy cat. My life hasn't been the same since!

When the opportunity to do the same for others came along, I jumped at it.

If your life is changing, whether personally or professionally, then I can help you approach this new phase as a more confident you. Can you afford not to make the very best first impression?

I look forward to meeting you soon x