Traci Pierson

Stylist/Image/Colour & Makeup Consultant

07794 522868

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I am a Style/Image/Colour & Makeup Consultant.
The Services I offer are Colour Consultations,Styling, Wardrobe Edits, Personal Shopping and Makeup Lessons.
I work from my studio at home and also travel to clients homes if preferred, I also offer a online service.The service I offer my clients is very personal. Each consultation is all about the person and I take great care to make every client feel relaxed and welcomed. It's journey together to build confidence.

I love demonstrating how even small changes can make a difference and have such amazing effects. Especially when a client has had a colour consultation.Nothing beats seeing a client's face light up when they see themselves in what I call their "Wow" colours.

My mission as a Style,Colour,Image and Makeup Consultant isn't to change you, its to take you up a notch, to align who you are and what you want. It's about finding the balance between your identity (who you are) and making you feel comfortable and confident and feel amazing.

My business started from a passion to help others with their self esteem & confidence, I have always loved to dress well & found it came naturally to me. Over the years I have been fortunate to meet countless wonderful women & men throughout my life, but I noticed that so many of them had poor self-esteem for no good reason.So after my children grew up and l left home I wanted to help give others the confidence to be who they are, feel good about themselves and realise their potential.I knew that I could make a difference by helping people dress well. Looking good is one of the greatest confidence boosters. It's true, when you look good, you feel good.And if you feel good you can hold your head up high and achieve anything you want.I trained in London with Colour Me Beautiful after researching and trying different approaches to find the method I believed worked and provided the best results.