Tracy Hyde

Jewellery designer


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Hello. I'm Tracy Hyde and I am the owner of Aura Jewellery.

I began my career in acute nursing, driven by the desire to support people through challenging times in their lives. Working initially in surgery then in Acute Pain Management, the best possible experience for our patients was always our ultimate goal.

A love of fashion, creativity and style was ever present throughout my career, and towards the latter end I started to explore my own creative capabilities. I was presented with an opportunity which was impossible to ignore and after 30 years in healthcare, I stepped away from a much loved profession to a new beginning in the world of jewellery and design.

So fast forward a few years through growth and change and welcome to Aura!

Aura is a collection of beautiful beaded jewellery pieces created especially for women with a desire to wear something different. Whether your wish is understated elegance or glamorous drama, Aura easily marries vintage and modern eras to embody the feeling you desire from your jewellery.

Lustrous baroque pearls, semi-precious stones and fine Swarovski crystals form the heart of each individually designed piece. Their natural beauty is strikingly enhanced by specially selected chains, charms, pendants and tassels to layer on and wear in abundance.
Ever present is my view that you deserve the best possible experience. Accessories really do have the potential to change the way you feel: to create your own unique look. 

My new website is almost finished, so please feel free to take a look at the website and social media platforms. I work from home and welcome you, and your outfits, for a no obligation complimentary consultation at Aura.

And finally in the words of Coco Chanel - ‘In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different’.