Tricia Blaxill


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Having started out life as a teacher in a comprehensive school I decided to spread my wings outside "school" and retrained as a secretary and got a job in the Group HQ of Wellcome in the training dept. Redundancy after 3 years lead to me travelling for 5 months then having a brief spell training chartered accountants. This lasted 3 months - far too tedious - but I did meet my husband who was one of the partners. I returned to pharmaceuticals in sales where over 16 years I progressed through three companies up to national sales manager. From there I went into a service company to the pharma industry as a business development manager. Again, much too tedious selling data, so after 5 years doing that and having qualified as a massage therapist for fun, I decided to set up my own practice. In addition to my own clinic I ran a franchise business outsourcing massage in the workplace to other therapists which I did with Suzanne Edgington for 19 years. I am now "retired" but have launched an online business selling a ski carrier strap which I have developed This will definitely be my last career!