Val Adaway

Utilities Provider

01933 222903


I could be enjoying retirement right now; I'm not because I love what I do.
What I do is all about helping people.

> I want to help individuals get the best service from their utility provider.
> I want to help those with motivation, build their income by helping others get the right deal on utility services.
> And, I want to help people in business make the connections which will help them succeed.

I’ve been working with Utility Warehouse since 2008 and I’ve found that people switch to Utility Warehouse for lots of reasons. It might be for savings or cashback deals, or maybe combined billing - but so many customers stay because of the great customer service. We want to help you.

And, if you're honest and friendly and looking for a way to make more money - a Utility Warehouse opportunity could be just what you are looking for to create a new income.

But if Utility Warehouse doesn’t have the opportunities you’re looking for, I’d still be pleased to hear from you. Throughout my working life, I’ve been managing services and making connections to make people’s lives better. I believe in building relationships, because through those connections we can support and build each other’s businesses.

Whether you're looking to review your utility bills, explore opportunities to increase your income or you’d like to make a connection - if you think I could help you, get in touch. I'd love to talk.

[email protected] or 07853 189194