Vicky Matthews


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I have worked in the charity sector for over 8 years and really enjoy building partnerships with businesses and assisting them to meet their CSR goals with activities such as cause related marketing, sponsorship and staff engagement.

Ormiston Families work across the East of England to take early and preventative action to create safe, healthy and resilient families who feel in control of their own wellbeing.

Our mission is to support families in the region to build resilience and make choices to improve the life chances of their children.

What does it feel like when you suddenly find out your dada is not working away, as you’ve been told, but he’s actually in prison?

What does it feel like when you baby is taken away and placed into care?

What does it feel like when having experienced abuse as a child, you find yourself in an abusive relationship as a young adult?

Today we work in 3 key areas:

• Mental health & wellbeing services for children & young people
• Working with communities
• Working with families affected by offending