Victoria Cozens


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Victoria Cozens, is co-founder of East London’s Speciality Coffee Roasters; Perky Blenders. Since starting with her husband, Adam and brother in law, Tom in 2015, she’s played a crucial part in building a brand that’s responsible, friendly and accessible to all.
Four years in, Victoria and her Perky Blenders have created 4 cafes, 2 ‘roasteries’, moved all consumables and packaging to eco-friendly-options, rebranded, held talks and training, switched websites, all whilst balancing 327 tasks that all need doing now, right now.
So, you might think this came from years in the industry, countless coffee contacts and heaps of help. Well, you’d be wrong. This all came after 8 years in International Law and starting a family, so, how did she do it and do it so well?
Spotting one of those glorious gaps in the market, the 3 of them invested in a 1kg coffee roaster and began small, working hard, all from a small shed in their back garden. Focusing on business’ in Walthamstow, building their name through events, networking and social media. Fortunately, locals couldn’t wait for 3rd wave coffee to hit the area and have been incredibly keen to support such a caring and conscious coffee company.