Public Speaking Workshop – gain confidence and practice


  • Gain confidence
  • Learn simple techniques to reprogram your fear
  • Allow your personality to come through
  • Practise speaking to a group in a friendly, neighbourhood environment

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Presentation skills are SO valuable in today’s society.

Whether you want to get ahead at work, be more assertive during conversations, or deliver your personal message to the world, you owe it to yourself to be the best communicator you can be. It’s not about being perfect, it’s about giving yourself the freedom to be YOU.

So many people suffer from debilitating fear of public speaking but there’s no need to let it hold you back!

In this 1-day workshop you’ll learn fear-busting strategies and practical ways to ace the stage.

It’s a highly experiential and interactive day.

You’ll find the courage to speak up and be you. And you’ll walk away with tools to reduce anxiety, frameworks and structures to help you speak with ease and of course the experience to know you can present with confidence…again, and again and again.

Your two instructors are friendly and encouraging and the setting is a characterful venue rather than a bland corporate meeting room.


Visualisation techniques to help you become a confident speaker

Understand the source of your anxiety

Hypnotherapy to banish fear forever

A toolbox of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) coaching techniques you can use at any time

Multiple opportunities to practise speaking in pairs, groups and ‘on stage’

Be the ‘real’ you and show your personality when you speak

How to open and close your talk in a compelling way

How to engage your audience and take the pressure off yourself

Simple storytelling and speaking frameworks

Create a plan for the next steps in your development as a speaker

Admission includes refreshments.

Maximum class size is 16.

Registration is at 12.30 and the day finishes at 6pm.

You’ll have two, supportive, expert trainers working with you. One trainer is a hypnotherapist and NLP coach, the other is an award-winning speaker and speaker coach. Both trainers run local coaching practices and live in the Notting Hill area.

Once you sign up, we’ll contact you via email with more details and ask you to complete a pre-event questionnaire.


The workshop takes place in a comfortable room upstairs in The Elgin, a local landmark. We will have our own characterful room for the event but there may be a small amount of background noise. We will of course keep this to a minimum.

Please bring notebooks and a recording device in case you’d like to record the relaxation and visualisation exercises to play back at home.


Hello! As a transformational life coach, Nlp practitioner and hypnotherapist my job is all about high impact communication with an audience, either in a one to one session, doing a presentation or facilitating a group workshop. 

I specialise in helping people to discover and understand the limiting beliefs and mental blockers that are holding them back from achieving their goals in life. These beliefs and blockers make or break our ability to deal with intimidating situations such as public speaking. 

I’ve learnt a lot, from both my training and my own experience, about the mental processes we go through when we’re stood up about to speak, with all those eyes staring at you. I understand how you can control your mindset, instead of letting it control you, to react both calmly and confidently.

If you would like to unblock yourself and unlock the secrets to great public speaking, this is the course for you! Find out more at


Hi, I know what it’s like to have nerves and stage fright. I used to hate speaking in front of a group. Years ago I even had to leave a job because I couldn’t speak up during meetings.

One day I knew I had to take the bull by the horns and deal with my fears. Eventually I had the courage to become a professional performer.

Over the years, as both a speaker an international entertainer, I’ve performed and spoken in front of tens of thousands of people.

Let today be the day you face your own anxiety and uncertainty. Uncover a more confident, positive and impactful self! Find out more at


£75 before November 24, £85 before December 1st, £95 on the day (if available).


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