Refeshing watermelon granita recipe

Watermelon & Mint Granita
This is a delicious refreshing dish to have this summer, it is easy to make and healthy too!

600g watermelon flesh, chopped
20-30 mint leaves, chopped
50g raw local honey

1. Mix all ingredients in a Nutri bullet or food processor.
2. Strain through a sieve into an airtight container.
3. Place in the freezer, after about 90 seconds, scrape around the sides using a fork and then place back in the freezer.
4. Check every hour for the next few hours and continue to scrape away from the sides with a fork.
5. It will be ready when you have a container of small ice crystals and no liquid.
6. Serve it up in a small glass, as a refreshing palate cleanser.
7. You can always add a shot of chilled vodka for an adult version!