Roaming in the EU with a mobile phone

Using your mobile phone abroad used to be expensive. Prohibitive charges for using data, sending texts and making calls anywhere other than in the UK meant mobiles were all but useless the second your plane touched down on foreign soil. As of 15 June 2017, roaming is no longer exclusively for anyone with a laissez-faire attitude to the figure at the bottom of their next bill. An EU regulation has abolished roaming charges so, if you’re travelling to any member countries, you can use the data, minutes and texts included in your bundle as if you were in the UK. According to the official EU press release, from this date ‘consumers will be able to use their mobile device when travelling in the EU, paying the same prices as at home, ie to “Roam like at Home”. Any voice call, SMS and data session made while travelling abroad in the EU will be deducted from the monthly package of minutes, SMS and data in the home country with no extra charges.’

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