Safeguarding – Crucial but Confusing?

Hello everyone.  I am very proud to introduce you to the work of my company, DSM Safeguarding Solutions Limited.  We offer safeguarding training, advice and support to organisations working with children, adults at risk, parents and carers to ensure that they and their practice are current, clear, confident and compliant.

You have probably all heard of safeguarding, as it has been in the news frequently over the last 4-5 years, but for all the wrong reasons, eg, child sexual exploitation.  Safeguarding as an idea has officially been around since approximately 2003.  It means to try and address an issue before it becomes difficult, complicated and serious and involves preventing maltreatment, promoting health and welfare, making sure children grow up in a reasonable environment and doing what we can to ensure they thrive.

At DSM Safeguarding Solutions Limited, we make safeguarding relevant and non-threatening.  Clients can commission anything from an hour of our time through to a 5 day supervision skills course and anything else in between!  We have formal training qualifications, love getting creative and use fun methods to deliver serious messages.

We love to chat about all things safeguarding, so if we can assist in any way, feel free to either contact us through WIBN or on 07708 289 417.

Thanks you for stopping by!!