Saturday Job vs Gap Year….?

With so many school, college and university leavers now deciding what to do next, I wanted to share this recent interview / debate around skills and experience.  Is a Saturday job more appealing for potential employers than a gap year?  What is going to get your CV to stand out from everyone else?

Both have their merits with Saturday jobs showing the ability to consistently work hard, be reliable, learn invaluable people skills and how to respect and understand the world of business.  A gap year demonstrates the ability to cope, be independent – working things out on your own and giving something back to society.  It also means that. for most, the travel bug is out of your system and you are ready to concentrate on your career.

I actually did both – my Saturday job at Boots gave me a real insight into how to work as part of a team, how to be punctual and reliable and how to cope with being on my feet all day.  Plus managing money and getting a wage for the first time!  My gap year was slightly less conventional in as much as I worked to save enough money to literally take 8 months off to travel the world – and I would not have missed that for anything.  Travelling from city to city having to find somewhere to stay, dealing with different customs and cultures was incredibly challenging and exciting!

So from my perspective, as a Recruiter, I do look for and want to see examples of reliability, resilience and commitment.  However this is shown – it’s important to include it on your CV when searching for your first job role.

Read the article and do share your views – it’s an interesting debate!!