SEO Tip: Don’t believe a word

If someone contacts you promising to get your website to the top of organic search in xx months/weeks/days/hours [insert unlikely timeline here] – ask for evidence. Who else have they done this for?

Yet again this week I’ve been speaking to a business owner who handed over a fair old wedge of cash to one of these snake-oil salesmen. What did they get for their money? Zilch.

No two businesses are the same. No two websites are the same. There is no “guaranteed route” to the #1 search slot. No-one – and I mean NO-ONE – can predict what Google will do next. That’s why you need cold, hard evidence of how these people are supposed to deliver on their lofty promises. Get them to show you where they have achieved this for a business just like yours, in your precise industry or market, and targeting your exact customers. I’m willing to bet they suddenly go very quiet.

The charlatans mentioned above even claimed to have a “special relationship” with Google. There is no such thing. Even Google states there is no such thing (NB: this is entirely different from being a Google Partner which is earned through Google Ads). Please please please don’t fall for these scams. I can’t keep having the same conversation with disappointed, rightly sceptical and poorer business owners.