Seven seconds to impress, with a video

First impressions count.

It takes just seven seconds for someone new to decide whether you’re worth their time, according to experts. And however brilliant you are at your job, it’s easier to come across as confident when you’re comfortable with how you look. The growth of social media has made it worth investing in professional video content, especially if you run your own business, and many more people are also having online meetings and consultations. It’s also much more effective these days and allows you to attract many more leads if done well. When you talk to someone through a video the first seconds are even more crucial to attract your audience’s attention and make the right impression. Back in April ’20 I held an online talk together with Video Marketing expert Eugenia Zagoruyko – from Ufocus Production, where we shared strategic tips on how to create a camera-friendly look that will talk about you and your business at first sight, and essential tips and tricks to make sure your first 7 seconds work.