Although the lockdown has meant some essential shops will be opening, I wanted to share with you some investment pieces you can add to your wardrobe to help renew your looks for work and play!

Some tips for investing in accessories and clothing

Investing in items such as jewellery can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Not only does it means you have a cherished item in your wardrobe that you’ll love wearing, but you will have a piece that lasts the test of time.

I truly believe in eco-fashion, and with investment clothing pieces and jewellery, you will know that the items you spend slightly more on, will last throughout your life. They quality of the items I recommend below, will be that of pieces that you will cherish and lovingly care for, so when you do invest in them, I highly recommend ensuring you know the care requirements such as cleaning and adjustments if in future you need anything tailored or changed according to your lifestyle or body changes. I do recommend that pieces you adore that you want to fit you excellently can benefit from having a tailor work on them so they fit you perfectly.


I have recently shared some tips for online meetings, which included my love of hair accessories to help totally transform your look, especially if you are busily looking after even more tasks each day during lockdown!

Colourful headbands such as these from Etsy designer LollyKiks, are a fabulous and easy option. They instantly add colour to your outfit and cover up that hairstyle that may be in need of the hairdresser! They are very budget friendly, and work for an array of hairstyles as they have the elasticated bottom to help keep it in place.

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For a more classical style, Alice bands are another alternative way to transform your look, and are perfect for shorter hairstyles as they do not scrunch up your hair. I love this fabulously colourful and unique Alice band from Orelia, and it is available in an emerald green style with a tiger (!) or a more delicate option of pink with flowers.

If you prefer something without a pattern, I found this beautiful gold headband which has an added “knot” at the top to add definition. It is in a faux leather so is vegan friendly, and really adds a touch of glam to your hairstyle!

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How to use colourful scarves to transform a look

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Scarves are a fabulous way to add colour, personality, and definition to an outfit and can totally transform something that feels monochromatic. Now, I love the monochromatic style, especially for professional outfits, but when you add a scarf you can then add a touch of personality to the look with something that perfectly fits in your handbag (or even your back pocket!). You can transform a look with the same scarf but styled in countless ways, so have a play with the different options and have some fun!

One option for a scarf is the stunning Dolce and Gabbana silk scarf, which is an investment that you will cherish and will stand the test of time in terms of style. If you are someone who loves floral patterns and it works with your personal brand, it can definitely be an item to invest in for your wardrobe.

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A shawl can be another option within your scarf collection, and can transform your outfit, especially this piece by Missoni which has fringes and colour! It is another high quality designer investment piece, but if you are looking for an item that can work to help bring some personality to any outfits, or if you are someone who wants to add colour without feeling committed to an entire outfit, I highly recommend a shawl such as this.

However, if you have a moderate budget for investing in scarves, you can invest in colourful items that work. This silk scarf which has been created using a design by 17th Century Japanese artist, Katsushika Hokusai. For a colourful floral silk scarf option, you could invest in this beautiful yellow number by Powder.

Colourful or detailed at collar tops

Tops can be accessories too, and there is nothing quite like a simple shirt with a touch of flair at the collar. Many brands have made fun collar accessories you can add to your shirts, or you can invest in the stylish top from the beginning and let your personality shine with your collar.

Starting with an investment item by designer Givenchy is this beautiful pussy bow blouse which is a simple black and white with the drama truly being shown by the collar detail. This shirt can be transformed depending on how you tie the bow, or how you style it. Try with jeans for a smart-casual style, or make it super professional with a blazer and work trousers.

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For a more budget-friendly option, designer Kith and Kin have created this beautiful blouse which is perfectly simple with a touch of fun at the collar (and the cuffs) with a gorgeous design to let the blouse have some accents, without feeling overwhelming.

For even more fun, why not try out a quirky colourful shirt that will really add some personality and joy to your outfit? I love this Mariana Deri blouse which is a new fun take on a classic polka dot – isn’t it just sheer fun?

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Top Investment Pieces for your Wardrobe – Earrings

Earrings can transform a look and can help to add a little sparkle or flair to your outfit in a flash. When you invest in a beautiful pair of earrings, and look after them, they can be a piece that you go back to for years to come.

For a little colour with a professional edge, you can try these beautiful hand-crafted earrings by Jennifer Behr with Swarovski crystals and glass pearls with a drop silhouette. There are also these beautiful colourful drop-earrings by Magpie Rose. This style of earrings work perfectly to transform your busy Mum white tee to a professional look, just wearing these earrings! They can also work beautifully with a classic monochromatic look, such as a black suit, slip dress, or polo neck.  I recommend colourful earrings like these if you want to add a touch of colour to your wardrobe, too.

I recently fell in love with Italian brand, Nali, which have excellent on-trend jewellery at very reasonable prices, like these colourful drop earrings at just 16euro! Such a steal and they are an easy way to try out new trends before finding which ones you truly want to invest in and keep forever. Nali sell online, as well as in stores such as TK Maxx and some independent stores, so you can try them before you buy them too.

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For a more abstract or original look, these unique, 14k gold plated drop earrings by Pamela Love are amazing! The colours, shapes, and mismatched style are incredibly popular at the moment, and I think work really well for people who are more unique in their style choices. If you want to show off your personal flair, then earrings that are mismatched can be a great go-to. These are quite long earrings so may suit shirts that are more v-neck, to elongate your neck.

To try out the asymmetrical look, you can find this style on a tighter budget to test out the look, as it can feel strange to wear two different looking earrings if you are used to more traditional styling. this pair by Liars & Lovers are budget friendly and have some fun colours to bring some personality to your outfit.


Investing in necklaces for your wardrobe

My final investment pieces you can add to your wardrobe is necklaces – these are an accessory many of us may already have in our wardrobe and can help to make a simple look be elevated.

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Colourful necklaces are a great investment to add to your wardrobe, as with the earrings above, they can go a long way to transform how your outfit looks without having to completely change – speed is of the essence, especially during lockdown! When you invest in a beautiful necklace, you will want to take into account the colours that work best for your skintone and your current wardrobe. From a blue necklace in 18k goldto a pearl and pastel pink statement – you will want to make sure you find a colourful necklace that works for you.

For even more of a statement, you can try the statement chain look which requires a more adventurous personal brand. This really is a statement, but one I love the look of when styled correctly. The great thing about these chains is that they not only make a huge statement for your outfit, but can mean the rest of your look can remain minimal – if you want it to, keeping your outfit choices simple, with just the jewellery to add your personal styling. Starting simple, you can try a gold or silver chain, which can be an easy first step into this trend, or for a more budget-friendly alternative Nali, have this stunning large chain necklace in beautiful pink tones at a very reasonable price. There is also this beautiful dual chain necklace by & Other Stories which is a more delicate but still on trend look.

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No matter what trends are “hot right now” your investment pieces should be ones that you adore, especially when they have a higher price tag. You should consider the care they require to make sure they last, and that they work with your current wardrobe so you can get pleasure from wearing them.

I am here to help should you want to have assistance with how to create a personal style that you love, that works for you, and can help to keep you feeling confident during and after lockdown. To arrange an online personal styling session, please do get in touch.

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