Should I stay or should I go? – Deciding whether to work from home

Being self-employed brings us so much freedom.

No matter whether you have worked in the corporate world previously, or if you have decided to take the entrepreneurial leap as soon as you venture into the world of work, being self-employed gives you the power to make decisions and through all your energy into your passion!

However, working for yourself can also throw up a load of dilemmas for you to figure out! One of these is trying to decide whether to set up a work space at home, or whether to hire out an office space elsewhere.

To help you decide, we will walk you through the pros and cons of home working (plus an additional tip at the end!):


Should I stay? – the pros of working from home

No commute: who doesn’t love a 30 second commute to work from your kitchen to your computer.

Not having to pay for an office space: paying out for a work space when you already have one at home can seem pointless, especially when you’re in the early days of being a business owner.

No office drama: no overbearing boss, lazy co-worker or creepy IT technician.

Flexible hours: no need to work the 9-5 grind if it doesn’t fit for you! Early risers and evening grafters can work when they are most efficient and productive.



Should I go? – the cons of working from home

Working from home can give you the freedom to work around your family. But this can make you feel pressurised to work whenever possible, meaning that you never get a break. It can leave you doubting how successful you are in both your work life or your family life, as you are stuck continuously running between them.

By limiting your work hours to nap-times and evenings, it is easy to find yourself falling behind on your work.

Equally, hiding yourself away from your family in the evenings and on weekends can leave you feeling like a failing parent.

And on top of all of this, you have no time for yourself, slowly leading to exhaustion and generally feeling rubbish!


Hopefully, you will now have the points you need to make a well thought through choice about where to work from. Let us know in the comments where you choose to run your business from!


But what was that extra tip…

Just in case you want the best of both worlds, one way of keeping all the positives of working from home, without allowing yourself to burn out, is to outsource some of your daily tasks. Having external support can not only be great company, but also allow you to get the most out of all areas of your life!

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