Should you be outsourcing more?

It’s 10pm on a Friday. You have had a brilliant day learning a new skill, you signed up that new client you have been courting for ages… but the invoices need doing…

Its 10pm on a friday. you just got back from drinks with the team after doing 10 performance appraisals, Its Jenny’s (your daughter) birthday party next week and nothing has been done.

You feel deflated, irritated or guilty because you haven’t done it yet. You get started and it takes twice as long as you keep making mistakes or are too tired to concentrate.

These are definitely things you could and should outsource!

How do you know what tasks should be outsourced?

You hate doing it.

If you hate doing it, this is enough reason to consider getting someone else to do it. As you hate it, you automatically tense up when you need to do it and invariably it takes longer. You are never going to grow to love it so get someone who does!

You do not know how to do it

You muddle through. You make mistakes. You are never happy with the end results but you keep trying and never quite get to the level you think you should get to.

You do not have the desire or zeal to learn how to do it properly

You know you do not know how to do this task properly but you do not care or do it often enough to bother to learn to do it well. As an example, I am sure I could learn to plaster my room if I really needed to but why bother when I will only do it once in a while.

You do not have the time to do it

You are just too busy and never have enough time as your time is spent on higher priority activities or tasks. This task is number 572 of a very long list of tasks so only surfaces when it absolutely has to.

You can afford to pay to get  it done

Either the cost of getting it done is cheaper than your hourly rate or the stress reduction in outsourcing makes sense. As an example if you earn £30 an hour and do not like cleaning and can get a cleaner for £10 an hour, why would you not hire a cleaner? However if you find cleaning relaxing or therapeutic, you may not want to as you derive pleasure from this.

If not done properly will cost you

If this is a task that if not done properly will cost you more money than it would cost to outsource then this is for you. Typical examples are tax returns where the fines from the government far outweigh the cost of getting the work outsourced.

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Happy outsourcing! Let me know how you get on…..