Sing It Out Together

I love singing do you? The trouble is sometimes choirs can be a bit off putting requiring you to audition, read music and know whether you are a Soprano or Alto. Singing should be about fun and unity.
Sing It Out! is different. Using simple songs, we can show you that everyone can sing and it can sound amazing too! If you have ever doubted yourself or been told you can’t sing, this group is for you. If you would like to meet new people, have fun, enjoy singing, gain confidence and help your mental health and wellbeing, this is the group for you.
We have lots of fun with canons and rounds, songs with an added element of fun – which usually involves some kind of body percussion  which is great for your brain , memory and co-ordination.  We learn by ear and unaccompanied.
Singing is known for helping depression, anxiety, self-esteem, breathing and more.

This group is currently funded and runs on Thursdays at 7pm and Fridays at 1.30pm at the Cluntergate Centre in Horbury. Come and meet a great bunch of like minded people!

Call Melanie 07904981504