Staying Private On Facebook

Rule #1 of Facebook is that you have to have a personal profile – that’s you as an individual – and then you create your business page from that personal profile.  You can’t create a personal profile in the name of your business.

Rule #2 is that people have friends and businesses have fans.

These two rules are in place because personal profiles can have friends and interact with them at will, but Facebook wants to charge businesses to reach their fans.  Oh, and because Facebook need individuals to have accounts so they can charge businesses to show their ads to a targeted demographic.

However, when I tell business owners that they can’t just have a business account, it makes many of them very nervous.

It’s great to be promoting your business on Facebook but most people don’t want to share the more personal details of their lives with their customers.

So that’s why it is vital to pay attention to the privacy settings on your personal profile.  And Facebook have made it simple to do so by placing a small padlock on the right hand side of the blue navigation bar.  Click that and it’s easy to get started.

Set your Privacy on Facebook

Yes, you can promote your business on Facebook without getting involved in any of the other time-sucking activities involved with a personal profile.

Yes, you can lock down your personal profile so that only your closest family can see your activity and photos.  Plus you can interact with family in other parts of the world without your customers’ knowledge.

Yes, you can activate your privacy settings so that your personal friends are kept separate from your business acquaintances.

Yes, you can unlock your profile if you did decide that you wanted to share something about your business in public… and then you can lock it down again at the press of a button.

And, yes, you can stop your ex from seeing your Facebook updates!

Want to know how?  Read my blog post about privacy settings on Facebook.

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