Still Too Nice For Your Own Good

Re- Think your life.  December 9th Divine Masters Centre, Newtownpark Ave. Co. Dublin 10am- 4pm

Have you ever observed where you give your time, money, space and love to. Do you feel overwhelmed with little rewards for all of your efforts. Do you understand that your reactions may be the consequence of old beliefs, that are not even yours being played out in your life.

This workshop explores the central themes around our giving and receiving. It is now time to give to you?

If you would like to reserve a place please contact me at 086 351 9951

One of my participants had this to say about a previous workshop. ” I wish I had been told this twenty years ago. How different my life would have been. Please write another book and this time give it the title Still Too Nice For Your Own Good.

Another said “I never fully understood my child. We have always been at loggerheads. Listening to you I realise I can change my reaction to him and so my relationship. I finally understand where he is coming from. I am a helicopter mother and he has no space to breathe. He can never build resilience if I continue like this. Thank you.