Take Time to Grow

Slow Down… Look Around… Breathe… Feel… Experience…

From first learning Reiki to becoming a Reiki Master Teacher, I took over 5 years. Each step of this journey was unplanned. I didn’t start by thinking that I would become a teacher, I lived with Reiki at each stage until I became aware that I was ready to move on and learn more.

I’ve been teaching Reiki for over 12 years and in that time, I have been asked on several occasions whether I can combine courses to teach several levels all in one go. Years ago, I was once persuaded into this and regretted it instantly. It is a lesson I learned from and have never repeated. Here’s why I believe it is important to slow down in our pursuit of new things… no matter how excited we are!

Some lessons are not meant to be learned in parallel. Some lessons are meant to be learned individually, absorbed and reflected on. Life after these lessons should be experienced with the new knowledge and skills you have gained, allowing yourself to take time to notice changes. We develop through our experiences and grow until we reach the point that we are ready to take on new things.

If everything is dished out on one plate, we will miss the detail, the subtleties, the tiny diamonds in the sand. If we simply have an information dump of everything at once, can we honestly tell ourselves that we are as skilled and knowledgeable as a certificate or title might suggest?

If someone is offering us a fast track solution, what is their motivation in doing so? Are they truly invested in our development, looking to pass on the benefit of their experience, allowing us to raise questions, test theories and fully absorb the information? Sadly, there are people making money from offering to cut corners, through books or short online courses. If we don’t want to invest the time in learning something properly, we should recognise what depth of knowledge we have at the end of it.

If we are looking for a fast track solution…. Why?

There are times in life when speed is of the essence and simply following a set of instructions is all we need to do. If someone is having a heart attack, please just follow the instructions on the defibrillator! You don’t need to understand the circuitry of how the machine works. There are other times when we are looking to grow, develop and make changes to our lifestyles which involve a deeper level of learning.

As a teacher, I believe my role is to pass on knowledge, share experience, find ways in which each individual student can understand, process and absorb what they need to know about Reiki. As they leave the course, I ensure that everyone knows that they can come back to me for support at any time. Sometimes this might be to ask new questions, sometimes for clarification and sometimes to share their own experiences since finishing the course. This might be days later, or years later, I always welcome these times.

So when I am asked if I will teach a combined course, the answer will continue to be No. What I will do is help each student reach their goal in the time that it will take for them to enjoy living with Reiki fully.

Take time to grow. There is no rush. x