Tame Your Inner Monkey- Event

Are you an ambitious and forward-thinking business woman pursuing success, balance and happiness?

Yes? Then let me ask you a question…How often is that little voice (the monkey) inside your head, saying things like:

“I should be doing more if I want success!”

“I’m not good enough!”

“I’m getting this so wrong”

“They won’t like me”

“I can’t sell!”

“I hate presenting!”

…Sound familiar?

If so, then it could be that your inner voice is holding you back from producing the success in your life and your business that you truly desire.

Join our Facilitators (all business owners themselves) to hear what their own inner monkeys were saying and how they tamed, controlled and harnessed them into being powerful allies, rather than sabotaging foes!

During this engaging and interactive event, they’ll share their knowledge and experience so that you in turn can:

  • Learn how to tame your inner voice
  • Understand how to control and make friends with it
  • Identify ways to harness it, so it works with you, not against you!

Combining presentations, exercises and structured, plus informal, networking, come along to have fun, meet like-minded Leaders and Business Owners from the local area and re-discover the joy of your business.

Find out more about the event on Thursday 20th July and buy your tickets here.