Barbara Hodgson

Previously working in new product development for a Global company, I bought into the WIBN franchise after made redundant. Having three young children, WIBN fitted well with balancing family commitments. I have had the pleasure of leading and managing WIBN groups in the Northants, Leicestershire & Stamford for over 8 years.  During that time I have met some amazing business women who have made me laugh and smile. Seeing their businesses grow substantially, through their WIBN membership with me, has been fantastic. Some members within my groups have been with WIBN since I launched my groups. So yes, over 8 years of being part of a professional networking group that is unpressured , encourages and empowers women to be the best. The support they give each other is second to none and I am really proud to be associated with them.

Here’s what one of my members said about me : “ Barbara is an outstanding networker and is brilliant at running her WIBN network groups. She fully supports all members, is encouraging, keeps us all in check in the nicest possible way and the meetings are always fun and professional. Thank you Barbara, you really are a gem”.

So if you haven’t networked or even if you have come and see why WIBN works for so many businesses