Judith Hamilton

Judith runs her own Business Coaching and Accountancy business and knows and appreciates how important it is to have a good networking infrastructure around you. The saying ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’ is so very true in the world of business. Networking provides you with an invaluable source of connections that will either directly or indirectly be able to positively influence the success of your business. WIBN allows you to have access to like-minded business women from whom you can get advice on all aspects of your business, and indeed your personal life too. Judith joined WIBN in June 2016 and loved it from day one! Working by yourself, like Judith does, can be lonely and frightening at times. When Judith joined WIBN she quickly realised that she no longer felt alone; literally overnight the ladies around the WIBN table had become her ‘colleagues’ that she could trust and call on for help, advice and moral support. Judith loves everything to do with business, and feels passionately about helping businesses grow and thrive. Having held several high level positions in the NHS, Education and Private Healthcare she knows first hand the challenges that women often face in business. Judith is very excited to be launching two WIBN groups in the Nottingham area, with the first group launching in Ruddington on Tuesday 18th April. For further details on either of the Nottingham groups, please feel free to send an email at the address above.