Ten tips to make your social media posts stand out from the crowd

Facebook released figures stating that 1.9 billion users are on Facebook each month and 700 million on Instagram. Mind Boggling!! This means a quarter of the world’s population are now on Facebook! That’s great news for reaching potential new audiences, but it also means there’s more and more competition out there. So how do you make your social media posts stand out from the crowd?

We wanted to share our top ten tips with you.

1. Always add images to your posts. Instagram is of course image led but we recommend you don’t ever post on Facebook without an accompanying image either. The eye is so much easier drawn to an image than just words.

2. An amazing website that gives you access to copywrite free images is pixabay.com. Search by keywords and you’ll get a great selection to use. You can become a member and add your own images for others to use too. Pixabay is one of our favourite picture sources.

3. Add images to Tweets too. Although Twitter is more about the ‘short, sharp’ 140 character message, images will help your tweets to stand out from the crowd.

4. Did you know you can amend the font in a Facebook post? We shared a nifty tool we found on our Facebook page last month. Check out http://www.fbfontchanger.com for access to all sorts of fonts that will make your posts that little bit different.

5. You can upload multiple photos to Facebook in the form of slideshows. When you want to add a new post hit the ‘camera’ icon and choose the slideshow option. Add your photos, set how long each image should show for and hey presto. A great little rolling slideshow is created.

6. Instagram has a recent update that allows you to add multiple images to a post – give it a go! Just click the ‘collage’ icon to the bottom right when adding your images. It’s a great story telling tool.

7. Create collages for all social media platforms. There are many free apps out there to create picture collages. Two of our favourites are InstaCollage and CollageFactory – collages allow you to tell a story in one photo and look really effective.

8. Don’t neglect video! We’ve blogged about the importance of video previously. It’s important to mix up the content of your social media feeds so link to YouTube, post some video clips directly or check out tools such as Boomerang – read more in our video blog.

9. Play with filters. The filters available on Instagram can take your images to the next level – experiment with them, try sepia and black and white. Going with something a bit ‘different’ will make people notice you.

10. Go Live! Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all have ‘live’ options where you can video in the moment and share what you’re up to right now with your audience. Give them a go! The functionality of the live tools is really user friendly and you can just start with a few seconds of what’s happening in your world and build up to sharing pieces to camera or more detail. Read more about Going Live in our blog.

Enjoy getting creative – don’t be a wallflower…..smile, sparkle, shine!!