What our Members say about us ……

“I was very sceptical about joining a networking group and was worried as a new business whether I could justify the cost. However I started off as a visitor to the Stevenage group run by Louise Yexley and was made to feel very welcome and no pressure to join. After a second visit I decide to join WIBN Stevenage group and haven’t regretted it. The amount of confidence and invaluable tips and support I have gained is priceless. I have made some amazing friends and for me as a lone worker the monthly meetings are my very own team meeting . You only get out what you put in and there is so much to gain from having 121’s and using your 60 seconds wisely. I would highly recommend WIBN especially for new business’s as compared to other networking groups it’s one of the most affordable and cost effective. I also like the fact that we are all women supporting other women and we all have so much in common”.  SarahStevenage Group

“I joined WIBN a year ago on the recommendation of my work coach after I was made redundant from corporate life and decided on a complete career change. From day one, I found myself surrounded by supportive and friendly women, providing welcome social contact in what can be an isolated, self-employed role. They have supported me by buying my work but, more importantly, by encouraging me, challenging me, pushing me and just by being interested in what I’m doing! The WIBN meeting has become a highlight of each month”. Lucy, Chalfonts & Amersham Group

“I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to join WIBN from its inception in 2016. With Siobhan Fitzpatrick at the helm, WIBN has gone from strength to strength and will continue to grow and prosper in Ireland.  It’s a fantastic concept with dedicated, professional, strong women who consistently deliver excellence.   I am a member of two Dublin groups and can state that my business has grown over 50% as a direct result of my membership of WIBN. I look forward too many more years of success with WIBN”. Catherine, Dublin Group

“I have been a member of WIBN for five years now. Renewing my membership each year takes only a moment’s thought. This is because every year I have generated enough direct business from the group to more than cover my membership fee and meals. The meetings are incredibly enjoyable, and the contacts made invaluable. I have made some very real friends through the group, with women I would not otherwise have met.  Our group Leader Nikki has been the most amazing support to everyone. Her business acumen and willingness to share; the way she goes the extra five miles with us all; the way she is even more committed to our businesses than we are; her personal warmth and generosity… I could go on.”  Mary, Huntingdon Group

I’ve been a member of The Women in Business Network for over 11 years. In that time my business, target market and type of work I want has evolved.  But whatever I’m looking for – whether it’s support, clients or referrals, WIBN has always been there providing exactly what I need.  I’ve met inspirational women. I’ve been introduced to professions that are interesting and new.  I’ve seen the power of networking and have become a walking directory of trusted contacts but most of all I have made friends, long terms friends.  Our group is such a friendly and supportive group, I would definitely recommend it.”  Lisa, Woodford Group

“I am a new member of WIBN, so I have not had much chance to experience the benefits from membership, but I am finding my way, and am looking forward to being involved. In the past I have always steered away from Networking, having often found it a waste of my time and sometimes uncomfortable. The meetings are very relaxed, and the other members are friendly and welcoming. There is a real feeling of friendship and championship from the group.  Having never really felt or experienced the value of Networking before, I see that being a member of WIBN networking, will open many doors for me and my business and introduce me to potential new referrals. It will also provide me with support. In addition to this I will enjoy the benefits of meeting other business owners and learning about their businesses and providing referrals to them.” Joanne, Milton Keynes Group

“I have been a member of WIBN for 3 years.  I was one of the founding members in Goatstown group and have since moved to the Ballsbridge group. Siobhan Fitzpatrick has brought the WIBN network to life in Ireland – and created real opportunities for us to engage with fellow members either by creating direct opportunities for sales and creating a trusted marketplace to find services you need, or introduction to wider networks of contacts.  I have connected with many fellow members in Ireland in a broad range of professions, and opportunities have come in unexpected ways from members. I have also been able to get to know some London based members, so when travelling to the UK for work, it creates a great sense of connection in the wider world.   In a broader sense, WIBN allows us to see women taking their businesses really seriously and get inspiration and insight to follow their lead.” Liz, Ballsbridge Group

“I’ve been a WIBN member for over five years because I get so much out of it. My business tends to involve a small number of large transactions, which involve massive trust, so I knew it would take time to develop those relationships. I do get good business from the group, but what’s probably more important to me as a sole trader, is that fact that I’ve grown a “team” of people within the group who I can ask for help, and refer my clients on to, knowing they’ll receive the same caring, quality service I offer in my own business. Not a meeting goes by without plenty of laughter and friendship too – I look forward to it every month.” Tamsin, Ampthill Group

“I have been a member of WIBN for 3 years. I started in the Ballsbridge group, subsequently joined the Goatstown group and now I a member of the Bray group.  I am lucky to be able to move groups and meet so many great ladies due to the industry I am in. As a sole trader, I joined looking for a support to my business with ladies that would understand the challenges of running a small business.  Since joining I have found a large network of support from the WIBN and when I need help or advice there is always a friendly face to call on. My business has expanded, and the group keeps me on track.”  Emma, Bray Group ROI

“I have been a member of WIBN for 2 years and it is my top performing network in terms of referrals and I really appreciate all of the support. I have been recommended to WIBN members’ clients, friends and family and that really means a lot to me. I constantly tell people about WIBN and networking because it really does work. I have met so many fabulous ladies and everyone has helped shape me and the business into who we are today. Thank you!” Samantha, Southend Group

I am new to the WIBN family, and thats exactly how I was made to feel by Anne-marie and the ladies at Liverpool Sefton Park, part of a family. Our discussions are diverse and enthusiastic. I always leave feeling more empowered, more secure in my career choice, and have a new drive to sink my teeth into when I get back to the office. Im proud to be part of such a strong group of professional women who all love what they do, and it gives me the encouragement to want to do more in my own profession. Many great contacts madde but more importantly many great friends too .

Kate Bayliss (Liverpool Sefton Park group)