That Extra Pair of Hands….only when you need them

Life runs at an extraordinary pace.  There are always a thousand jobs to do, and sometimes it’s like wading through muddy water. You’re busy–constantly. It can sometimes be a real struggle to look after your customers, keep on track with your finances and accounting, respond to all your emails whilst arranging meetings and travel.  Oh, and don’t forget to keep your social media pages updated on top all all that!

Its time to get you some help……

But maybe you are wondering how a Virtual Assistant can make it easier for you.  Wonder no more….we’ve put together a list of ideas to see how you can make your life simpler.

  1. PA assistance. You know; organising travel, hotels, confirming appointments and meetings with clients, whilst prepping all the correct information so that you are good to go when you arrive.
  2. Digitalise your diary so that you are always on top of your next move.  It’s amazing how many people are missing the trick of planning ahead and organising themselves.
  3. Filter emails and calls from clients when you are out of the office.
  4. Organise an event for your business, saving you the time and headaches of phone calls etc.
  5. Write/ create documents such as presentations, “how to” guides etc.
  6. Promote and track RSVPs to your event via Eventbrite for example.
  7. Need new office supplies? We can research and purchase everything you need to make your life easier.
  8. Edit and proofread blogs/ newsletters/ web content. That second pair of eyes can make all the difference.
  9. Organise your Dropbox or cloud server so that you can actually find that document you were looking for.
  10. Research all the info you need for your next blog, or newsletter. You know, the stuff that takes up all your time but is super important. We can even write your blog for you if you need some assistance.
  11. Help you set up and manage your business’s social media profiles.
  12. Send out newsletters for you, using a digital service.
  13. Help you design and order new business cards or stationary.
  14. Create a customer database so you never lose track of someones needs ever again!
  15. Send invoices to clients so you get paid on time, and then assist with cash collection.  NOW THAT’s ONE NOT TO MISS!

So you can see, there is a huge amount we can help with, and the reality is that we can probably assist with much, much more. There will simply never be enough hours in the day for one person to get everything done, and by utilising a great VA, it provides an extra pair of hands, only when you need them.  Trustworthy and reliable.  Try it, you might be surprised how much it can help!